[CMake] Installing FindCGAL.cmake

Hendrik Sattler post at hendrik-sattler.de
Fri Nov 14 07:17:28 EST 2008

Fernando Cacciola schrieb:
> Nope... my users don't want to do that... (or rather I don't know which
> DESTDIR, if any, they'll use at all, so the solution cannot involve
> anything like it)
> They want to install CGAL in the "correct" place, whatever that is, but
> without FindCGAL.cmake unless explictely indicated.
> Of course I can use an option variable at configuration time, but I was
> thinking on something less intrusive.

Why don't you offer FindCGAL.cmake as additional download (so they can
drop that whereever they want) and install the CGALConfig.cmake, only.
It doesn't make sense to install both at the same time.


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