[CMake] first time user questions

Alexander Neundorf a.neundorf-work at gmx.net
Tue Nov 4 14:23:57 EST 2008

On Tuesday 04 November 2008, James Peng wrote:
> I am trying to use CMake in our new project. I download the latest 2.6.2
> linux source distribution version. I decompressed it and built it with
> ./bootstrap successfully.
> After
> that, I installed it by using "make install
> DESTDIR='/user/local/cmake". What I got is
> "/usr/local/cmake/usr/local/...". Does that mean CMake will be
> installed under "/usr/local" directory by default?

Yes. If you want a different install location, set the cmake variable 
If you build it using the bootstrap script, you can 
do --prefix=/wherever/you/want .
If you build cmake with cmake, you can do cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX <src 
dir> on a fresh build tree or use "make edit_cache" in an existing build 

> I was told
> from the doc I can uninstall it by remove all items on the list
> recorded on the install_manifest.txt file. But I cannot find that file
> under the installation directory, '/user/local/cmake' in my case.

Just remove everything in /usr/local/cmake.


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