[CMake] CPack DEB Packaging: Automate dependency resolution

Hendrik Sattler post at hendrik-sattler.de
Tue Nov 4 04:50:16 EST 2008

Mathieu Malaterre schrieb:
> I quickly browse thought the page you sent and indeed this is the way
> to retrieve the shared lib deps. However, debian references packages
> name (not lib name). So we are still missing the inverse lookup of
> what package provide a particular shared libs. I can't remember which
> file list all those (package -> libs reference). I guess one could do
> a:
>   $ dpkg -S libname.so

Did you read my message?
Citing from dpkg-shlibdeps:
dpkg-shlibdeps has two possible sources of information to generate
dependency information. Either symbols files or shlibs files. For each
binary that dpkg-shlibdeps analyzes, it finds out the list of libraries
that it's linked with. Then, for each library, it looks up either the
symbols file, or the shlibs file (if the former doesn't exist). Both
files are supposed to be provided by the library package and should thus
be available as /var/lib/dpkg/info/package.symbols or
/var/lib/dpkg/info/package.shlibs. The package name is identified in two
steps: find the library file on the system (looking in the same
directories that ld.so would use), then use dpkg -S library-file to
lookup the package providing the library.


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