As the developers behind CMake, Kitware can apply our software process expertise to develop a custom software build system tailored to your organization. Whether you are looking to modernize your in-house system or optimize your existing CMake system, Kitware can help you throughout the process.

Modernize Your Build System with CMake

Custom, in-house legacy build systems are often only understood by a small group of developers, which can put you in a difficult position if they are no longer involved in the project. These systems can also be slow and difficult to work with, impeding progress on the software being developed. For those looking to modernize their build system, CMake is a great solution.

  • Developers can be trained or already understand how CMake works, and if someone leaves your organization replacements can be found with existing knowledge.
  • As the primary maintainer of CMake, working with Kitware gives you access to our CMake experts to ensure the transition goes smoothly and we create an efficient system.
  • Using CMake as your build system will improve your software infrastructure and workflows, facilitating innovation.

Build with CMAKE

Optimize Your Existing CMake Build System

Much like any coding project, CMake code can be done poorly and ineffectively set up for your developers. If you already use CMake but want to optimize your system, Kitware can help.

  • An updated software build system can accelerate innovation on your project and improve project workflows.
  • Relying on decades of build system design and optimization expertise, Kitware can work with you to ensure your system is set up efficiently.
  • Kitware’s CMake experts can help to improve and modernize any CMake build system, increasing the productivity of the developers on the project.

Optimize Your CMAKE Build

A CMake Built for You

Kitware can work with you to develop a CMake software build system that is tailored to your requirements.