[CMake] many false positives in ctest error/warning reporting

Alexander Neundorf a.neundorf-work at gmx.net
Tue May 10 15:47:41 EDT 2011

Hi Matthias,

On Tuesday 10 May 2011, Matthias Kretz wrote:
> Hi,
> the regular expressions for errors and warnings in
> Source/CTest/cmCTestBuildHandler.cxx appear to be too general. I have a
> dashboard where all of the nightly builds are done with parallel builds
> (-j24 for the machine with the most cores). Often this results in messed
> up compiler output since the output streams of the different make threads
> are not synchronized. So one can easily get something like: "from /.../Vc-
> Continuous7/include/Vc/Vc:22/.../Vc-
> Continuous7/include/Vc/global.h:139:8:/.../Vc-
> Continuous7/include/Vc/global.h:139:8: ," which is then matched as an
> error. (See http://code.compeng.uni-
> frankfurt.de/dashboard/viewBuildError.php?buildid=36336 ). 

Are you using cmake >= 2.8 ?
If so, there the switch CTEST_USE_LAUNCHERS. If this is set in your ctest-
script, the output parsing works better. Are you already using this ?

> In reality the
> output that got pushed to the next line showed that it's a warning, and
> even one that I put into the code there myself and thus rather would warn
> about if it's missing. Since that feature is not there, I just suppress
> all the warnings that I expect. So, in fact, this build should have turned
> out clean, except for the "mandel.cpp:115: warning: 'int min(int, int)'
> defined but not used" warning. I got one error and 3 warnings.
> AFAICS the incorrect reports mostly come from this regex:
> ([^ :]+):([0-9]+): ([^ \t]))
> In my opinion this regex is way too general and I'd like to disable it. But
> I certainly don't want to put this regex into

Why not ?


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