[CMake] many false positives in ctest error/warning reporting

Matthias Kretz kretz at kde.org
Tue May 10 09:47:32 EDT 2011


the regular expressions for errors and warnings in 
Source/CTest/cmCTestBuildHandler.cxx appear to be too general. I have a 
dashboard where all of the nightly builds are done with parallel builds (-j24 
for the machine with the most cores). Often this results in messed up compiler 
output since the output streams of the different make threads are not 
synchronized. So one can easily get something like: "from /.../Vc-
Continuous7/include/Vc/global.h:139:8: ," which is then matched as an error. 
(See http://code.compeng.uni-
frankfurt.de/dashboard/viewBuildError.php?buildid=36336 ). In reality the 
output that got pushed to the next line showed that it's a warning, and even 
one that I put into the code there myself and thus rather would warn about if 
it's missing. Since that feature is not there, I just suppress all the 
warnings that I expect. So, in fact, this build should have turned out clean, 
except for the "mandel.cpp:115: warning: 'int min(int, int)' defined but not 
used" warning. I got one error and 3 warnings.

AFAICS the incorrect reports mostly come from this regex:
([^ :]+):([0-9]+): ([^ \t]))
In my opinion this regex is way too general and I'd like to disable it. But I 
certainly don't want to put this regex into CTEST_CUSTOM_ERROR_EXCEPTION. Do 
you have any idea how to do this without patching cmake itself?

Matthias Kretz (Germany)                            <><

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