[CMake] CMake finds the wrong Python interpreter on Windows

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Thu Feb 25 13:29:19 EST 2010

Noel O'Boyle wrote:

> Done. I've attached the result (off list). In summary it seems to be
> searching for python2.6.exe first, instead of python.exe.

OK, so that is the problem....

It looks for names in this order:

NAMES python2.6 python2.5 python2.4 python2.3 python2.2 python2.1 
python2.0 python1.6 python1.5 python

It will prefer python2.6 over python in the PATH, and it has no way of 
knowing or caring if one is cygwin or not.  I don't think there is much 
we can do about this.

I should have noticed this:

I suppose one fix could be to to have the windows one prefer python over 
any of the named version ones...


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