[CMake] cmake 2.6.3 RC 11

Alexander Neundorf a.neundorf-work at gmx.net
Fri Feb 6 05:16:10 EST 2009

On Thursday 05 February 2009, Bill Hoffman wrote:
> I have a release candidate (RC 11) for 2.6.3 ready for CMake.
> This should be about the last one.  At this point I am only going to fix
> regressions from previous releases of CMake into 2.6.3, so please try
> this release.

I'm running it right now on kdelibs.

I noticed one thing.
I get now the warning about CMP0011 not being set, which is the policy which 
deals with the scope of cmake_policy(SET ...). This warning appears for 
FindKDE4Internal.cmake, since this sets up the policies for KDE4.
In FindKDE4Internal.cmake there is:

cmake_policy(VERSION 2.4.5)

Doesn't this imply 
cmake_policy(SET CMP0011 OLD) ?

Why do I get the warning then ?
Should the file which does 
, which ends up in FindKDE4Internal.cmake, set this policy before ?

Then every KDE developer would have to remember to do
cmake_policy(SET CMP0011 OLD) at the top level of his CMakeLists.txt, 
otherwise he gets this big warning. 
I don't think it is reasonable to expect that every developer knows the policy 
scoping details good enough to understand this and to remember this.


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