[CMake] CTest Subversion support and update handler

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Tue Nov 25 08:46:09 EST 2008

Number Cruncher wrote:
> Okay, I *think* I get that "svn log" is called for "U <file>", i.e. 
> updated, but not for "M|C|G <file", where local modifications exist. But 
> why is "svn status" called when the file is updated to an older copy?
> Number Cruncher wrote:
>> The more I look at the CVS logs for this, the more convinced I am that 
>> there's a major bug in the retrieval of log information for modified 
>> files.
>> Apologies if my last post was a bit blunt. I'm just a bit disappointed 
>> at not having any response to my bug submissions or patches. I'm 
>> trying to do my bit for a incredibly useful piece of software. I can't 
>> be the only one using SVN and CTest (KDE??). So *please* could someone 
>> explain why log or status info is only retrieved for files whose 
>> update *isn't* an "M", "C" or "G"????

OK, so I am going to be brutally honest here...  The person that wrote 
the CVS/SVN update stuff for CTest is not really working on CMake 
anymore.  I suspect you have found a bug that needs fixing.  We do use 
svn/CTest on many projects at Kitware.  However, no one has complained 
about this bug yet.   It is hard to see.  I have not had the time to 
figure out how to answer your questions.   I will get to it at some 
point, hopefully soon.


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