[CMake] Can't run Cocoa test application in CTest

Tron Thomas tron.thomas at verizon.net
Sun Nov 23 16:48:20 EST 2008

I filed bug 8139 against the issue.  I tried using the 
get_target_property command and that did not fix the problem.

Bill Hoffman wrote:
> Tron Thomas wrote:
>> I tried that originally, and it does not work.  When add_executable 
>> is used to create an application bundle on MacOS X, it does not 
>> simple build an executable program.  It creates an entire directory 
>> structure that bundles up the exectuable.  CTest does not seem to 
>> understand how to deal with this bundle; it expects a runnable 
>> executable as the name for the second argument to add_test.
> I thought we had implemented that....
> Can you create a bug entry?
> Another thing you could try is this:
> get_target_property(myBundle LOCATION EXE_LOCATION)
> Then use ${EXE_LOCATION} for the executable.
> -Bill

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