[CMake] a couple of ideas for cmake

Alexander Neundorf a.neundorf-work at gmx.net
Fri Nov 7 13:12:13 EST 2008

On Friday 07 November 2008, Christopher Harvey wrote:
> Hi cmake maintainers,

Too late with the ideas :-)

> I'm wondering if there was a reason why the windows configure interface
> outputs message commands as individual dialogs instead of inside some
> sort of in-program terminal (that the user wouldn't be able to type
> into). It seems to me that it would make the cmake experience more
> consistent across configures.
> I could *try* to write a patch that does this...but I wanted to see if
> there was interest in it at all first.

There is a Qt4 based version (cmake-gui)which shows these messages in a 
textview. But I don't know when/if cmake-gui is shipped by default with the 
cmake binary distribution.

> The second idea is to have an internal cmake variable that is a list of
> directories that cmake modules could use to look for libraries and
> include files. I'm starting to notice that every single FindXXX.cmake
> uses commands like:
>   PATH_SUFFIXES include
>   ~/Library/Frameworks
>   /Library/Frameworks
>   /usr/local/include/SDL
>   /usr/include/SDL
>   /usr/local/include/SDL12
>   /usr/local/include/SDL11 # FreeBSD ports
>   /usr/include/SDL12
>   /usr/include/SDL11
>   /usr/local/include
>   /usr/include
>   /sw/include/SDL # Fink
>   /sw/include
>   /opt/local/include/SDL # DarwinPorts
>   /opt/local/include
>   /opt/csw/include/SDL # Blastwave
>   /opt/csw/include
>   /opt/include/SDL
>   /opt/include
> )
> over and over.
> Why not define these paths internally and turn these long commands into :

That's the case already since a long long time, it's just that some modules 
ignore this. Have a look at Modules/UnixPaths.cmake and 
Modules/WindowsPaths.cmake to see which are included. The variables are 


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