[CMake] Visual Studio debbuging working directory

Sam Baker sam.baker at bigfishgames.com
Fri Nov 7 13:03:40 EST 2008

There was a post on this a while ago that you can find with the right
google search - apparently it's not possible because the working
directory is stored in your solution's *.suo user options file which is
saved by Visual Studio for each solution. CMake doesn't generate those
and isn't able to easily.


I've found that after setting the debug working directory in my VS
solution it doesn't get overwritten when CMake rebuilds project/solution
files. But if you're doing out of source builds you have to obviously
avoid deleting the whole build folder because along with the generated
projects, you'll be deleting your .suo file.





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I'm new to use CMake and I'm still learning how to get what I need.

Is there any variable to setup the debbuging working directory so that
when I launch the software from Visual Studio it gets the right location
for the files?


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