[CMake] seperate source/build directories (Was: cleaning targets)

Eric (Brad) Lemings brad at rebit.com
Thu Nov 6 15:02:16 EST 2008

Michael Jackson wrote:
> Are you using a dedicated build directory or are you running cmake  
> directly from your source directory? If the latter.. STOP.. don't do  
> that. If you use a dedicated build directory then cleaning up from  
> cmake is as simple as rm -rf Build/ and there are no worries about  
> adding to source control because none of the build products are within  
> your source directories. Does this make sense?
As a developer, I nearly always keep source and build directories
separate.  As a user however -- when I want to just download and install
some particular software package -- I almost never go through the
trouble of building outside of the source tree.  I suspect this is the
case for many developers/users.  So saying that one approach over the
other is "bad" depends on your perspective.

Two cents.


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