[CMake] How to find GetPrerequisites.cmake ?

Stephen Collyer scollyer at netspinner.co.uk
Thu Nov 6 10:00:20 EST 2008

David Cole wrote:
> It is actively used in CVS HEAD of ParaView on the Mac to build the
> standalone paraview client .app bundle.
> Probably not as easy to understand as you'd like, but it works.
> This snippet is from the very bottom of ParaView's
> Applications/Client/CMakeLists.txt file. It's an install rule that runs the
> configured scripts. (The usage of GetPrerequisites is internal to
> BundleUtilities which is included in the configured cmake script...)

OK, I'm confused; I've downloaded the Paraview 3.4.0 source tree
and grepped through it but can find no mention of either
BundleUtilities or GetPrerequisites. Where should I be looking to
see these ?


Steve Collyer
Netspinner Ltd

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