[CMake] Generating temp directories

Shead, Timothy tshead at sandia.gov
Mon Aug 11 13:40:00 EDT 2008

One of the optional steps in generating OSX bundles involves mounting a
temporary disk image so a flag can be set to enable custom icons.  Until now
the CPack bundle generator has been using


as the mountpoint for this operation, which works fine until you stumble
across a 90 character limit on mountpoint names.  So now I'm looking at
using a path in /tmp for the mountpoint.

Does CMake provide any standard way of safely-generating temp filenames /
directories?  I'm looking for something along the lines of mktemp / mkdtemp.
I don't see anything in cmSystemTools ...

Thanks in advance,

Timothy M. Shead
Scalable Analytics & Visualization (1424)
Sandia National Laboratories

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