[cmake-developers] How to get cmake to install pdb files for targets too?

Simon Richter Simon.Richter at hogyros.de
Tue Mar 20 06:35:43 EDT 2018


On 20.03.2018 08:05, Claus Klein wrote:

> Hi, I am wondering why pdb file are not installed with a library target
> in MS VS2017 generated projects when building the Debug config variant?

Very few people install PDBs to the bin directory, that is an
administrative nightmare (who is responsible for deleting them when you
install a Release build with no PDBs on top?).

Instead, I suggest installing into a separate directory which you either
place on the symbol path or import the PDBs from into a regular symbol

This doesn't even need a change to the CMakeLists.txt, just pass


with the desired output path.


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