[cmake-developers] gitlab or github? Which should I use for contribution?

Stuermer, Michael SP/HZA-ZSEP michael.stuermer at schaeffler.com
Wed Oct 26 10:05:45 EDT 2016

I know the cmake repositories on github and gitlab are in sync, so I could base my work on any of them. Still I don't want to maintain two forks and would prefer to switch completely to gitlab.kitware instead.

Which should I choose for future contributions? My feeling is I could completely abandon the github repository and pull and push only to gitlab.kitware.com. All merge requests are handled there anyway. Is this right?

I can't see all the other branches like maint, next, nightly-* etc. on the gitlab repo. Still these branches get regularly updated on github. This makes me feel like the gitlab repo is somehow "incomplete".

Is there some kind of a distinction between "official" and "development" repository? 

I'm just trying to understand .

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