[cmake-developers] Review Request for ExternalProjects: Only update certain git submodules

David Cole dlrdave at aol.com
Fri Jan 10 08:58:32 EST 2014

> Attached is a patch for the ExternalProject test that simply passes
> empty list.

Thanks, that's completely reasonable for a first-time contributor to 
CMake. I understand it's not easy to jump right in and understand how 
all the tests operate...

> I'd like to pass further testing, i.e. checking against a submodule
> being another local git, to someone who is more familiar with this
> testing setup...

Also completely reasonable. I wouldn't hold up getting it into CMake 
for this, but if anybody else has time to work on a test with git 
submodules, but no network requirements, that would be most welcome.

> We have an external project with many submodules (-> boost...) and
> confirm that only the submodules given in the option are cloned and
> updated.
> However I guess, you want a confirmation from somebody else... :-)

Not that I'm a skeptic.... (well, ok, maybe a smidge...) but I would 
like to have *independent* confirmation from somebody else that it at 
least "works for them" before we merge this into CMake.


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