[cmake-developers] git move

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Tue Mar 9 10:22:55 EST 2010

Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva wrote:
> I just committed a change using hg-git:


> http://cmake.org/gitweb?p=cmake.git;a=commit;h=8f9f6b3ac1850e5b630871fd080360ad6874fb39

I see this in your commit:

  extra : rebase_source : df29f96c957600629a34a1c5fafb8b3d6f274e22

Can hg-git be configured to not put extra stuff in the message?

> First, I would like to make sure that everything looks good and
> nothing was messed up. For example, the committ time in the main page
> (http://cmake.org/gitweb?p=cmake.git) seems off, but I'm not sure if
> this is a git thing.

Git (and AFAIK hg) use the time at which the commit was created
according to your local system clock.

> If there is interest, I can write a small entry in the wiki on how to
> install/configure hg-git, and how to use this workflow. If so, where
> should I put this information?

Create a page here:


and add a link to it from the intro paragraph of this section:


as an alternative workflow.


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