[cmake-developers] Attn. CMake Dashboard Client Maintainers - We've moved to Git

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Mon Mar 8 08:31:16 EST 2010

Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva wrote:
> I have been looking at last nights dashboards and the
> cmake_common.cmake script appears to have changed when compared to the
> above referenced attached note. Since, this script seems to be a
> moving target, shouldn't it be published as part of the CMake source?
> It would be easier to update and track the changes.

Currently we version it with all of our internal machine dashboard
scripts in a CVS repository.  We've thought about publishing it in
a separate utility branch (with a totally distinct tree) in cmake.git
but have not yet decided exactly what should go in that tree.

I've attached the latest version so you don't have to compare the
versions currently posted on the dashboard.

> Also, I have successfully submitted an experimental build to the
> dashboard, so I will turn back on the cron jobs with the nightly and
> continuous builds using the cvs-git server. However, I would like to
> know if you have a preference between using cvs-git vs git (I will be
> testing the cmake_common.cmake script next)?

Eventually we'd like it to be git-only, but you need to be sure to drive
with CTest 2.8.x to use it.

There are two reasons we provide the cvs server:

(1) CTest 2.6.x does not support Git, but we need to keep testing
CMake master using it until the minimum required version is 2.8.

(2) Git does not build on some dashboard platforms (particularly the
ancient UNIX variants).

Factor (2) probably doesn't affect you, and will go away over time as
Git is ported to more platforms or the old systems fall away.

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