This module provides the function ctest_coverage_collect_gcov. The function will run gcov on the .gcda files in a binary tree and then package all of the .gcov files into a tar file with a data.json that contains the source and build directories for CDash to use in parsing the coverage data. In addtion the Labels.json files for targets that have coverage information are also put in the tar file for CDash to asign the correct labels. This file can be sent to a CDash server for display with the ctest_submit(CDASH_UPLOAD) command.

ctest_coverage_collect_gcov(TARBALL <tarfile>
  [SOURCE <source_dir>][BUILD <build_dir>]
  [GCOV_COMMAND <gcov_command>]
  [GCOV_OPTIONS <options>...]

Run gcov and package a tar file for CDash. The options are:

TARBALL <tarfile>

Specify the location of the .tar file to be created for later upload to CDash. Relative paths will be interpreted with respect to the top-level build directory.

SOURCE <source_dir>

Specify the top-level source directory for the build. Default is the value of CTEST_SOURCE_DIRECTORY.

BUILD <build_dir>

Specify the top-level build directory for the build. Default is the value of CTEST_BINARY_DIRECTORY.

GCOV_COMMAND <gcov_command>

Specify the full path to the gcov command on the machine. Default is the value of CTEST_COVERAGE_COMMAND.

GCOV_OPTIONS <options>...

Specify options to be passed to gcov. The gcov command is run as gcov <options>... -o <gcov-dir> <file>.gcda. If not specified, the default option is just -b.


Suppress non-error messages that otherwise would have been printed out by this function.