Perform the CTest Submit Step as a Dashboard Client.

ctest_submit([PARTS <part>...] [FILES <file>...]
             [RETRY_COUNT <count>]
             [RETRY_DELAY <delay>]
             [RETURN_VALUE <result-var>]

Submit results to a dashboard server. By default all available parts are submitted.

The options are:

PARTS <part>...

Specify a subset of parts to submit. Valid part names are:

Start      = nothing
Update     = ctest_update results, in Update.xml
Configure  = ctest_configure results, in Configure.xml
Build      = ctest_build results, in Build.xml
Test       = ctest_test results, in Test.xml
Coverage   = ctest_coverage results, in Coverage.xml
MemCheck   = ctest_memcheck results, in DynamicAnalysis.xml
Notes      = Files listed by CTEST_NOTES_FILES, in Notes.xml
ExtraFiles = Files listed by CTEST_EXTRA_SUBMIT_FILES
Upload     = Files prepared for upload by ctest_upload(), in Upload.xml
Submit     = nothing
FILES <file>...

Specify an explicit list of specific files to be submitted. Each individual file must exist at the time of the call.


Specify how many times to retry a timed-out submission.


Specify how long (in seconds) to wait after a timed-out submission before attempting to re-submit.

RETURN_VALUE <result-var>

Store in the <result-var> variable 0 for success and non-zero on failure.


Suppress all non-error messages that would have otherwise been printed to the console.

Submit to CDash Upload API

ctest_submit(CDASH_UPLOAD <file> [CDASH_UPLOAD_TYPE <type>])

This second signature is used to upload files to CDash via the CDash file upload API. The api first sends a request to upload to CDash along with a content hash of the file. If CDash does not already have the file, then it is uploaded. Along with the file, a CDash type string is specified to tell CDash which handler to use to process the data.