What version number is this target.

For shared libraries VERSION and SOVERSION can be used to specify the build version and API version respectively. When building or installing appropriate symlinks are created if the platform supports symlinks and the linker supports so-names. If only one of both is specified the missing is assumed to have the same version number. SOVERSION is ignored if NO_SONAME property is set.

Windows Versions

For shared libraries and executables on Windows the VERSION attribute is parsed to extract a <major>.<minor> version number. These numbers are used as the image version of the binary.

Mach-O Versions

For shared libraries and executables on Mach-O systems (e.g. macOS, iOS), the SOVERSION property corresponds to compatibility version and VERSION to current version. See the FRAMEWORK target property for an example. Versions of Mach-O binaries may be checked with the otool -L <binary> command.