New in version 3.2.

Find the native GNU Scientific Library (GSL) includes and libraries.

The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a numerical library for C and C++ programmers. It is free software under the GNU General Public License.

Imported Targets

If GSL is found, this module defines the following IMPORTED targets:

GSL::gsl      - The main GSL library.
GSL::gslcblas - The CBLAS support library used by GSL.

Result Variables

This module will set the following variables in your project:

GSL_FOUND          - True if GSL found on the local system
GSL_INCLUDE_DIRS   - Location of GSL header files.
GSL_LIBRARIES      - The GSL libraries.
GSL_VERSION        - The version of the discovered GSL install.


Set GSL_ROOT_DIR to a directory that contains a GSL installation.

This script expects to find libraries at $GSL_ROOT_DIR/lib and the GSL headers at $GSL_ROOT_DIR/include/gsl. The library directory may optionally provide Release and Debug folders. If available, the libraries named gsld, gslblasd or cblasd are recognized as debug libraries. For Unix-like systems, this script will use $GSL_ROOT_DIR/bin/gsl-config (if found) to aid in the discovery of GSL.

Cache Variables

This module may set the following variables depending on platform and type of GSL installation discovered. These variables may optionally be set to help this module find the correct files:

GSL_CBLAS_LIBRARY       - Location of the GSL CBLAS library.
GSL_CBLAS_LIBRARY_DEBUG - Location of the debug GSL CBLAS library (if any).
GSL_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE   - Location of the ``gsl-config`` script (if any).
GSL_LIBRARY             - Location of the GSL library.
GSL_LIBRARY_DEBUG       - Location of the debug GSL library (if any).