Get a property of the test.

get_test_property(<test> <property> [DIRECTORY <dir>] <variable>)

Get a property from the test. The value of the property is stored in the specified <variable>. If the <test> is not defined, or the test property is not found, <variable> will be set to NOTFOUND. If the test property was defined to be an INHERITED property (see define_property()), the search will include the relevant parent scopes, as described for the define_property() command.

For a list of standard properties you can type cmake --help-property-list.

New in version 3.28: Directory scope can be overridden with the following sub-option:


The test property will be read from the <dir> directory's scope. CMake must already know about that source directory, either by having added it through a call to add_subdirectory() or <dir> being the top level source directory. Relative paths are treated as relative to the current source directory. <dir> may reference a binary directory.

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