Get a property of DIRECTORY scope.

get_directory_property(<variable> [DIRECTORY <dir>] <prop-name>)

Stores a property of directory scope in the named <variable>.

The DIRECTORY argument specifies another directory from which to retrieve the property value instead of the current directory. Relative paths are treated as relative to the current source directory. CMake must already know about the directory, either by having added it through a call to add_subdirectory() or being the top level directory.

New in version 3.19: <dir> may reference a binary directory.

If the property is not defined for the nominated directory scope, an empty string is returned. In the case of INHERITED properties, if the property is not found for the nominated directory scope, the search will chain to a parent scope as described for the define_property() command.

get_directory_property(<variable> [DIRECTORY <dir>]
                       DEFINITION <var-name>)

Get a variable definition from a directory. This form is useful to get a variable definition from another directory.

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