Create a test driver program that links together many small tests into a single executable. This is useful when building static executables with large libraries to shrink the total required size.

create_test_sourcelist(<sourceListName> <driverName> <test>... <options>...)

Generate a test driver source file from a list of individual test sources and provide a combined list of sources that can be built as an executable.

The options are:


The name of a variable in which to store the list of source files needed to build the test driver. The list will contain the <test>... sources and the generated <driverName> source.

Changed in version 3.29: The test driver source is listed by absolute path in the build tree. Previously it was listed only as <driverName>.


Name of the test driver source file to be generated into the build tree. The source file will contain a main() program entry point that dispatches to whatever test is named on the command line.


Test source files to be added to the driver binary. Each test source file must have a function in it that is the same name as the file with the extension removed. For example, a foo.cxx test source might contain:

int foo(int argc, char** argv)

Specify a header file to #include in the generated test driver source.

FUNCTION <function>

Specify a function to be called with pointers to argc and argv. The function may be provided in the EXTRA_INCLUDE header:

void function(int* pargc, char*** pargv)

This can be used to add extra command line processing to each test.

Additionally, some CMake variables affect test driver generation:


Code to be placed directly before calling each test's function.


Code to be placed directly after the call to each test's function.