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0014720CMakeModulespublic2014-01-27 10:272014-06-02 08:38
ReporterArne Nordmann 
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Platform64bitOSLinux UbuntuOS Versionprecise+quantal
Product VersionCMake 2.8.7 
Target VersionFixed in VersionCMake 2.8.11 
Summary0014720: FindBoost handles pthread different on first and second run
DescriptionWhen calling the macro find_package(Boost thread), I get different results for ${Boost_LIBRARIES} the first and the second time I execute cmake.

First time, ${Boost_LIBRARIES} contains '/usr/lib/;pthread', the second time, ${Boost_LIBRARIES} just contains '/usr/lib/' (without pthread).
Steps To ReproduceExecute the following cmake script twice (also attached):

> project("Test FindBoost")
> cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8)
> find_package(Boost REQUIRED thread)
> message(STATUS "Boost_LIBRARIES: ${Boost_LIBRARIES}")

Reproduced on several Ubuntu precise and quantal machines.
Additional InformationAn obvious workaround, calling the find boost macro twice in a cmake script, doesn't help.
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Attached Filestxt file icon CMakeLists.txt [^] (154 bytes) 2014-01-27 10:27 [Show Content]

related to 0010692closedPhilip Lowman FindBoost fails to add -lpthread 

Brad King (manager)
2014-01-27 10:44

The FindBoost module has had a major overhaul since 2.8.7.

Please try with CMake 2.8.11 or higher, preferably the latest release.
Nils Gladitz (developer)
2014-01-27 10:46

When I run vanilla cmake I get:
  -- Boost_LIBRARIES: /usr/lib/
both on the first and second run.

Debian/Ubuntu seem to patch their FindBoost.cmake to add pthread: [^]
Arne Nordmann (reporter)
2014-01-27 10:58

I tested in a Ubuntu saucy VM with cmake (which comes with saucy). First and second run produce the same result, which is

 -- Boost_LIBRARIES: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/;/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

which is fine.
Brad King (manager)
2014-01-27 11:07

Re 0014720:0035000: Great, thanks for reporting back.
Robert Maynard (manager)
2014-06-02 08:38

Closing resolved issues that have not been updated in more than 4 months.

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