[CMake] How to assign a boolean expression to a variable?

Nils Gladitz nilsgladitz at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 10:49:31 EDT 2015

On 19.07.2015 16:39, Yaron Cohen-Tal wrote:
> I want to set "FOO" to "TRUE" iff both "COND_A" and "COND_B" are 
> true.I tried the following:
> set (FOO (${COND_A} AND ${COND_B}))

The AND operator is handled and implemented by the if() and while() 
commands and hence not available elsewhere.

> but then FOO get's a value like "(;TRUE;AND;TRUE;)" instead of "TRUE". 
> So I had to write instead:
> if (${COND_A} AND ${COND_B})
>     set (FOO TRUE)
> else ()
>     set (FOO FALSE)
> endif ()
> Is there a better way?

Depending on context you might omit the else() block given that if(FOO) 
will evaluate false if FOO is not a defined variable.

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