[CMake] Segfault for the Blackberry 10 build (devalpha device)

Laszlo Papp lpapp at kde.org
Wed Jan 16 04:54:34 EST 2013

Hi all,

As I have a few days left for the submission of the limited edition device
program, I thought I would be asking for help to see if it is something
simple to fix with joint effort as I like cmake. :-)

Otherwise I may need to switch away from cmake, and it will also be a
showstopper to start porting KDE to QNX. So, I have the following structure
for my buildsystem:


The problem is that, the build finishes without any errors, but when I run
the generated binary on the phone, it gets a segfault which does not happen
when using qmake from the IDE.

Here you can find the build with qmake: http://paste.kde.org/~lpapp/648440/

Here you can find the build with cmake: http://paste.kde.org/~lpapp/648434/

This is the segfault with the binary built by cmake:

Process 14692534 (wikireader) terminated SIGSEGV code=1 fltno=11
ip=7843bf7c(/base/lib/libcpp.so.4 at _ZNKSt6locale9_GetfacetEj+0x27)
mapaddr=0002bf7c. ref=00000010

Here you can find the pro files generated by the IDE for qmake:


APP_NAME = WikiReader

CONFIG += qt warn_on cascades10

INCLUDEPATH += ../src ${QNX_TARGET}/usr/include/qt4/QtNetwork
DEPENDPATH += ../src ${QNX_TARGET}/usr/include/qt4/QtNetwork
QT += network

INCLUDEPATH += ../src ${QNX_TARGET}/usr/include/qt4/QtXml
DEPENDPATH += ../src ${QNX_TARGET}/usr/include/qt4/QtXml
QT += xml



cat WikiReader/config.pri
# Auto-generated by IDE. All changes by user will be lost!
# Created at 16/01/13 2:53 AM



    $$BASEDIR/src/main.cpp \


CONFIG += precompile_header

lupdate_inclusion {
    SOURCES += \

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