[CMake] FYI - From Ninja-build mailing list - Fwd: Proposal: restat rules

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Wed Oct 5 14:35:31 EDT 2011

And here some numbers to compare it with Qt's qmake.
I've used this project: http://kst-plot.kde.org/
which supports qmake and cmake.

Running make/ninja on a fresh compiled project
with warm caches (in seconds):

         qmake      cmake     Ninja
       Makefiles  makefiles

-j1    0.5-0.8   1.6-1.9   0.11-0.14
-j2    0.6-0.8   1.3-1.4   0.11-0.13
-j4    0.6-0.7   1.1-1.4   0.10-0.13

     - Ninja is the fastest
     - cmake Makefiles are really slow
     - parallel jobs doesn't help much in this special case


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