[CMake] Cannot find source file: *.rc

Michael Wild themiwi at gmail.com
Fri May 27 05:46:41 EDT 2011

On 05/26/2011 06:45 PM, Aaron_Wright at selinc.com wrote:
>> From: Michael Wild <themiwi at gmail.com>
>> To: cmake at cmake.org
>> Date: 05/25/2011 10:08 PM
>> Subject: Re: [CMake] Cannot find source file: *.rc
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>> On 05/25/2011 11:40 PM, Aaron_Wright at selinc.com wrote:
>> > I use mc.exe to generate an *.rc file and some headers for my program.
>> > The *.rc file is listed as an output of a custom command and as a source
>> > to an executable. During configuration CMake tells me it can't find a
>> > source file and lists the *.rc file. I've check the generated property
>> > of the *.rc file and it is true, so why does CMake expect it to be
>> > present during configuration?
>> >
>> > I've tried to make a small example, but when I try to do that everything
>> > works. What I'm looking for is a reason why it would only effect large
>> > build systems on not small build system, or why does this only effect
>> > this *.rc and none of the other twenty or thirty files I generate? Is
>> > there something special about *.rc files?
>> >
>> > I'm really just grabbing at straws here because I've been trying to fix
>> > this for months, with no luck. So any ideas are welcome.
>> >
>> > ---
>> > Aaron Wright
>> Is the add_custom_command call generating the *.rc file in the same
>> directory as your add_executable call?
>> Michael
> It is neither in the same CMakeLists.txt nor is the *.rc file generated
> anywhere close to the executable.
> I did work around this by writing a dummy file at configure time with
> FILE(WRITE. Thought that seems a little hacky.

That is the problem. GENERATED source files only seem to work when used
in the same directory.


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