kent williams nkwmailinglists at gmail.com
Mon May 23 17:37:31 EDT 2011

Ran into this with CMake 2.8.4 on Linux -- though apparently not on my
OS X machine, go figure.

I had a nightly build shell script that as a matter of course set
CMAKE_C_COMPILER and CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER on the command line.  I was
getting mysteriously unnamed builds in our Dashboard.

What I traced it down to:

When I ran cmake in a batch that sets the compiler variables, cmake
decided that the compilers had been changed and deleted the cache  and
reran itself.  Unfortunately it also forgot BUILDNAME -- which I also
set on the command line, and the BUILDNAME reverted to its default
value (set in my top level CMakelists.txt) of UNKNOWN-build.

So is there any way not to descend into this hell of deleted cache variables?

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