[CMake] Merging CTest results

Neil Chittenden neilchittenden at quintessa.org
Thu May 12 12:47:37 EDT 2011


I've run a set of tests using:

   ctest -D ExperimentalTest

(i.e. delaying the CDash submit)
These tests take a long time to complete. Now I notice one of the tests 
failed because I forgot to update it after a change to my program.

I can re-run that particular test using something like:

   ctest -D ExperimentalTest -R my-test-to-rerun

As this test now results in a pass (after being corrected), is it 
possible to easily merge CTest results before submitting to CDash? (I 
guess doing the submit using 'make ExperimentalSubmit')

Or will I have to rerun all the tests? (which takes a long time!)

I do realise that as the file being submitted is XML-based, it probably 
isn't too difficult to manually merge them but if CMake/CTest already 
has the functionality I may as well use that!


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