[CMake] How to invoke a separate build with CMAKE_CUSTOM_TARGET?

Heine, Christian (EXTERN: VWGEDS) extern.christian.heine at volkswagen.de
Thu May 12 06:40:54 EDT 2011

Thanks Eike for this hint! This works, but I couldn't use it. 

One reason is, that any module is loosely coupled. It doesn't know where the other modules it's depends on are located. By this reason I need a place where any final library is archived and could be linked by the executable at runtime like the /usr/local/lib folder on Linux, so I think the system32 folder is the right place on windows platforms ...

The second reason is, that I've to perform an installation before I could start the demo files. But normally I would start them before I install the module, i.e. to test implementation details. By this reason the demo executable must be able to link the actual library after a simple build...

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> Hi,
> I'm not sure that I'm on the right path, therfore I will explain what I
> will do. I'm migrating our Linux project to Windows plattforms. Our
> project is build on several modules, which have to create and installed as
> libraries with cmake, some modules have dependencies to other modules. So
> far so good. This works fine on linux and windows.
> Now I've implemented several demos for one of those modules. On Linux
> there is no problem, if I've installed the dependencies correctly I could
> build my demo executables and run them directly. But on windows platfforms
> I'm struggling. To run the executables it's required to place the required
> libraries besides the executable or in system32 folder ...
> If I install the module dependencies with a cutstom install target to
> system32 folder I could ensure that those libraries could be linked by the
> executable at runtime. So I've got a behaviour like on Linux plattform for
> the module dependencies. But what is the best way to handling the library
> of the actual build? This file is placed to a lib subfolder which is
> differend from the demo executalbes (bin subfolder).

You can install the different "parts" of a library to different folders
(see the documentation of which parts means what). So this may solve your
issue by installing the DLLs to the same place as the executables:


Also installing into system32 on Windows usually causes great mess. If the
above doesn't work just try adding your lib directory to the system PATH
before starting your executable.

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