[CMake] CMake thinks Fortran is C++ when linking statically

Erlend Pedersen erlend.pedersen at holberger.com
Tue May 10 06:19:06 EDT 2011

I am having problems with Fortran linking that doesn't work when
building static libraries, only when building shared libraries. I am
using cmake from Ubuntu 10.04 (2.8.0-5ubuntu1).

I use CMake to build a project, including project-internal shared
libraries. All executables are Fortran, but one of the internal
libraries contain minimal sprinklings of C and C++. All works well when
building shared libraries, but when I switch to building static
libraries, CMake decides to try to link all Fortran executables as if
they were C++. Unfortunately, this means that the main function is not
properly located, and linking fails.

I tried forcing Fortran linkage on libraries only (hoping this would
propagate into the executables that link to them), using 


and when building the libraries, output shows that they are indeed
treated as Fortran static libraries. But the executables (typically
conisting of a single .f90 file, and linked to one or more of the
internal libraries) are still treated as C++.

Only when I force the LINKER_LANGUAGE by using SET_TARGET_PROPERTIES on
both libraries and executables does things build properly. But that
seems needlessly redundant and noisy and redundant.

Is there some easier way I can convince CMake to link the executables
correctly? Is this a bug?

Erlend Pedersen
Holberg Research AS

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