[CMake] Changing installation prefix triggers re-linking of all libraries

Pere Mato Vila Pere.Mato at cern.ch
Tue May 10 05:24:13 EDT 2011

> To my regret, I don't see any easy solution for your concern, but if
> the unnecessary rebuilds due to the the RPATH placeholder mechanism
> are a serious issue in your project, the above-noted approach can
> possibly be adapted to your needs.
> 'hope that helps.
Dear Michael,

Thank-you very much for your interest and the time you have spend developing this solution. But I am afraid that the added complexity  in the coding and procedure does not balance with benefits of having an installation RPATH. We will continue with what we have been doing and set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH when using the installed project. Nevertheless I must say that this solution has been very educative for me, since I have learnt a few things (or tricks) that I was not aware you could do with CMake. Thanks again.  


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