[CMake] manifest version mismatch with VS 2008 and InstallRequiredSystemLibraries

Michael Jackson mike.jackson at bluequartz.net
Mon May 9 16:44:33 EDT 2011

I am a bit late to the thread but I also had this problem so I made it a "policy" NOT to install the VS update that broke the Manifest thing. Easy for me as I am a single guy shop :-) but it did get rid of the problem, or more correctly worked around the problem. Of course the downside is that I am not getting any updates to VS. Just my 2 cents.
Mike Jackson                      www.bluequartz.net

On May 9, 2011, at 4:28 PM, Tyler wrote:

> On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 12:17 PM, Bill Hoffman <bill.hoffman at kitware.com> wrote:
>> My blog entry might help:
>> http://www.kitware.com/blog/home/post/4
> Thanks, Bill. That's a good summary of the issues. It would have been
> really useful to me a few days ago :), but hopefully this saves
> someone else some time. The tip about CMakeVerifyManifest is quite
> handy.
> To close the loop, here's what I ended up doing.
> It's possible to tell Visual Studio to embed a newer version in
> generated binaries (by insuring that _BIND_TO_CURRENT_VCLIBS_VERSION
> is set to 1 sufficiently early in your project), but each time the
> version number increases you have to rebuild everything, including
> third-party libraries. We build and cache our 3rdpartylibs on a
> network share and I didn't want to run on the Microsoft treadmill by
> rebuilding everything each time Microsoft releases a Visual Studio
> update. Instead, I decided to treat the CRT libs as yet another
> 3rdpartylib, pinned to version 9.0.21022.8, and just include them
> manually.
> I considered modifying InstallRequiredSystemLibraries so that it could
> use CRT libraries from somewhere other than the default, but there are
> many combinations of different versions of VS and components I don't
> use (MFC, ATL, etc.). Also, it seems that no one else has this
> problem, so making the solution general for the community would not be
> useful. Instead I hacked together the function below.
> Thanks,
> tyler
> # This is a dumb version of the CMake module InstallRequiredSystemLibraries.
> # We would like to replace this hand-rolled function with "include
> # (InstallRequiredSystemLibraries)" but the default CRT libraries don't work
> # for us and the provided module doesn't allow us to customize where the CRT
> # libraries are pulled from. See
> # http://wiki/bin/view/Main/PackagingWithCMake#microsoft_crt for details.
> function (tp_install_required_system_libraries)
>        set (TP_CRT_ROOT "${TP_3RDPARTYLIBS_ROOT}/microsoft_crt/9.0.21022.8")
>    endif ()
>    set (TP_CRT_BASE "${TP_CRT_ROOT}/build/${TP_PLATFORM}")
>    set (runtime_libs
>        "${TP_CRT_BASE}/Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest"
>        "${TP_CRT_BASE}/msvcm90.dll"
>        "${TP_CRT_BASE}/msvcp90.dll"
>        "${TP_CRT_BASE}/msvcr90.dll"
>        )
>    install (PROGRAMS ${runtime_libs}
>        DESTINATION bin
>        )
> endfunction ()
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