[CMake] adding a link directory

Liam Kurmos quantum.leaf at gmail.com
Sun May 8 09:25:34 EDT 2011


I've been using cmake to build vtk projects for some time, but i've
only really learnt the minimum i need.

Now i want to link against a single shared library.

until now i've added libraries with
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(testOVAS vtkWidgets vtkRendering vtkHybrid vnl tourtre)

which has worked as i have lines like

however it wont work for tourtre as the linker cant find it.

i think one solution to add tourtre to my project might be to create a
FindTourtre.cmake but this process looks quite in depth and i only
wish to link a single shared library.

from the documentation i think it should be possible to do:


but i still get lots of undefined references. I have tried a simple
example and linked it with -L/absPath/libtourtre/ -ltourtre and it
works fine so i'm at a loss where i'm going wrong.

your help will be much appreciated,


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