[CMake] How do folks work with rpath on OS X using cmake?

Clinton Stimpson clinton at elemtech.com
Mon Apr 11 17:15:22 EDT 2011

On Monday, April 11, 2011 01:49:21 pm John R. Cary wrote:
> Scenario:
> A library libA.dylib is found somewhere in the building of
> executable B.  Doing the typical link, otool -L shows that B
> references:
>    libA.dylib
> or possibly
>    /A/prefix/lib/libA.dylib.
> I want B to run from either the build directory or the
> installation directory, which I want to be portable.
> A possible solution is to have libA.dylib encoded into B as:
>    @rpath/libA.dylib
> and then to put  @loader_path/ and /A/installdir/lib
> into the rpath of B, and finally to install libA.dylib
> alongside B.
> What is the best way to get this done using CMake?
> What other approaches are there to this basic problem?
> Thx.....John Cary

You could do something like this in your CMakeLists.txt file.
  SET(CMAKE_INSTALL_NAME_DIR @executable_path)

Or use BundleUtilities script when you create an install.

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