[CMake] Remove "-rdynamic" from link options

Dixon, Shane Shane.Dixon at atmel.com
Fri Oct 30 11:23:26 EDT 2009

Ah, nevermind.  I found this in Linux.cmake file:
I fixed it by just doing

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I'm using a custom gcc toolchain to cross-compile for a linux device.  It doesn't support "-rdynamic".  I've put in a bug so that when I set the compiler and it does try_compile, it doesn't die on those that don't support "-rdynamic", but in the meantime I need to remove it from the link_flags.  I see plenty of ways to add link flags, but not to remove them.  I don't even see it in the variables:

-- CMAKE_C_LINK_FLAGS.............

How does one remove "-rdynamic" from the link flags?


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