[CMake] Release 1.41.0.cmake0, RPM generator problem

Gordan Sikic gordan.sikic at uscs.hr
Thu Nov 19 07:57:16 EST 2009


(I consider myself user of both cmake and boost)

I'd like to report that I experienced problem while generating RPM 
binary package on F11, and cmake 2.8.0; output of rpmbuild.err in RPM 
build directory was as follows:

$cat rpmbuild.err
error: line 4: Tag takes single token only: Name: boost c++ libraries

Quick hack to resolve this issue was to change line 261 of root 
CMakeLists.txt, in order to remove all white space in variable 
CPACK_PACKAGE_NAME to contain no spaces, i.e:

set(CPACK_PACKAGE_NAME "Boost_C++_Libraries")

Other than that, compile and installation went very smoothly :)

best regards,

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