[CMake] open source project for CMake ports?

Luigi Calori l.calori at cineca.it
Tue Feb 17 13:24:08 EST 2009

Bill Hoffman ha scritto:
> Philip Lowman wrote:
>> For the first cut I think starting out with keeping the CMakified 
>> sources in the project would be fine.  Many people are never going to 
>> want anything more complicated than this and we know that this will 
>> at least work for now.
>> CMake can already untar with -E mode.  Adding download support 
>> wouldn't be too bad.  Not sure how you would handle patching though.  
>> A nicer solution than above would be storing the original tarball + 
>> patch in the CM of your project and then having CMake untar + apply 
>> it at configure time.  Then you could optionally add download support 
>> on top of that for anyone that wants the ability of their project to 
>> properly to build to depend on some server out there in the cloud 
>> (not me).
I agree depending on external server at build time sounds unreliable,
but this sis exactly what any distribution tools like portage, apt, rpm do.
I really do not like to have copies of modified sources around: I would
just have a common way of specifying build recipes, including download,
versioning and patches.
> In CVS CMake the file command can download files already (file 
> DOWNLOAD).  We are working on some projects that will need to do 
> things like this at Kitware.  There is also a bug here:
> http://public.kitware.com/Bug/view.php?id=8471
> It somewhat relates to this issue.
Interesting....I 've also seen in CVS some support for including
external projects (module AddExternalProject.cmake) is it something related?
The windows port of gentoo portage ebuild command used in kde windows is
something has similar characteristic, it is based on Python though and
uses CMake for just few
of the builds.
Also Google is moving in build system fields, see:
unfortunately it seems to support just scons....

Let me know .... i would be glad to contribute


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