[CMake] open source project for CMake ports?

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Tue Feb 17 12:09:04 EST 2009

Patrick Spendrin wrote:

>> Does this sound interesting?
> Yes.
> As I am maintaining patches for some libraries and working for some 
> others, it would be nice to have such a unified system to keep doubled 
> work amount low.
> This has some more points:
> We would not have to maintain our patches in our own sources anymore, 
> they can easily be used & taken by everybody else too, without searching 
> to much.
> As it would be of great use for us, I would rather want to start it 
> today than tomorrow.
> I can try to order the patches we do maintain so they can be integrated 
> later on.
>> -- 
>> Philip Lowman
> regards,
> Patrick
> p.s.: you made my day ;-)

Also, it would be really great if we setup a dashboard for this project. 
  I am thinking it could all be checked out and built on a variety of 
compilers/OS's nightly.


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