[CMake] Fwd: setting environment variable through cmake

Philip Lowman philip at yhbt.com
Tue Feb 17 10:04:45 EST 2009

I suspect you are right about me running the wrong ctest.  Sorry for the 
false alarm there.  Glad the docs will be fixed though.

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On Tue, 17 Feb 2009 09:31:40 -0500 "Bill Hoffman" 
<bill.hoffman at kitware.com> wrote:
>Bill Hoffman wrote:
>> Philip Lowman wrote:
>>> I've reopened this feature request as a bug because
>>> 1.) using "ctest" does not work
>>> 2.) the ENVIRONMENT test property is not documented
>>> Discovered both of these issues tonight after looking into Ankit's 
>>> request and vaguely recalling this being implemented in CVS.
>>> http://public.kitware.com/Bug/view.php?id=7885
>> I have closed the bug.  This is a new feature, and it will be in 2.8 
>> when that comes out.
>Too hasty...   Sorry I did not read the bug report fully.  We will get 
>the docs into CVS CMake, and I suspect you are running the wrong ctest.
Philip Lowman

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