[CMake] MSVC7.1 static link question

Luigi Calori l.calori at cineca.it
Tue Feb 10 12:09:22 EST 2009

Bill Hoffman ha scritto:
> Philip Lowman wrote:
>> On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 12:39 PM, Luigi Calori <l.calori at cineca.it 
>> <mailto:l.calori at cineca.it>> wrote:
>>     I' m quite a newbie in static linking, I would like to combine 
>> two lib
>>     into one:
>>     say libtiff needs libjpeg and zlib
>>     If you generate them separately, then when you build an 
>> executable that
>>     needs libtiff, you have to link also libjpeg and zlib otherwise 
>> unref
>>     happens
>>     It is possible, under VisualStudio interface, to specify 
>> libjpeg.lib and
>>     zlib.lib as Additional Dependencies
>>     This way (even if the linker show warnings as duplicate symbols) I
>>     obtain a libtiff that can be used alone.
>>     My question is: can I obtain the same result with cmake?
>>     I' ve tried to use TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES, that is perfecly 
>> working for
>>     exe and SHARED linkage but no success: the
>>     vs project has always the Additional Dependencies field empty.
>>     Am I completely missing something?
> CMake does not work that way since it is not achievable cross 
> platform.  If you project is CMake based CMake will chain the 
> libraries.  If you use other build tools then you will have to 
> explicitly list libjpeg and zlib with the libtiff.  To do this in 
> CMake you have two options:
> 1. have a library that uses libtiff
> add_library(mylib ...)
> target_link_libraries(mylib libtiff libjepg zlib)
> add_executable(myexe ...)
> target_link_libraries(myexe mylib)  # will link in tiff jpeg and zlib
> 2. create an imported target for libtiff
> add_library(libtiff IMPORTED)
> set_target_properties(libtiff PROPERTIES IMPORTED_LOCATION 
> /path/to/libtiff.lib)
> target_link_libraries(libtiff libjpeg zlib)
> add_executable(myexe ...)
> target_link_libraries(myexe libtiff) # will link jpeg and zlib
> -Bill
Hi Philip and Bill:

I tried Philip suggestion and it seem working: it adds the flags as 
Additiona Optins in the commandline form and it seems to produce a
libtiff.lib that links ok.
The problem is that STATIC_LIBRARY_FLAGS property is not differentiated 
between Debug / Release.

Bill, is your method equivalent?

Is your suggestion applicable if the  exe and the lib stay in two 
completely different projects?

What I mean is that I ' m willing to have a CMake project that BUILDS 
and install libtiff.lib (static)

Then I have another project that build a .dll (or .exe, I think it 
behave the same) that Find and use my libtiff.lib.

Both your suggested method  seem to assume that myexe and libtiff are 
built at the same time.
This is not my case, I would like build libtiff static on win32 in such 
a way that allow other projects (built with cmake) to link it without 
adding explicitly the other dependent libraries.
so to not require changes in the dependent project (it is actually 
OpenSceneGraph, Philip)
So either modifying VS project or adding STATIC_LIBRARY_FLAGS I  am able 
to do.

I tried to use IMPORTED bud it did not worked

Thanks again

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