[CMake] aggregating projects

Clinton Stimpson clinton at elemtech.com
Tue Feb 3 19:26:10 EST 2009

I do a simple
==CMakeLists.txt ==

If those projects don't like that, I fix them.


Bill O'Hara wrote:
> Can anyone comment on the most common way to aggregate together 
> multiple projects built using cmake into some larger structure?
> Lets say I have 3 tools, foo, bar and baz.
> foo is standalone and has a toplevel CMakeLists.txt with a PROJECT(FOO)
> bar is standalone and has a toplevel CMakeLists.txt with a PROJECT(BAR)
> baz requires foo to be built (there are many other uses of foo as 
> well) and used during build of baz (ie. generating some custom inputs).
> And then we want to build a top level system project that causes all 
> the other tools to be built and packaged together. From the FAQ I can 
> see how to use custom commands to use a generated executable and 
> process files during the build of a project, with correct dependency 
> tracking.
> Any pointers on how to deal with aggregating multiple projects like 
> this? A naive
> add_subdirectory(/home/bill/bar ${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/bar)
> runs into fairly sensible problems due to add_subdirectory commands 
> within the subsidiary project CMakeLists...
> CMake Error at /home/bill//bar/CMakeLists.txt:18 (ADD_SUBDIRECTORY):
>   add_subdirectory given source "/home/bill/baz/impl" which is not an
>   existing directory.
> ?
> thanks
> b.
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