[CMake] equivalent cmakelist for this file

David.Karr at L-3COM.COM David.Karr at L-3COM.COM
Tue Feb 3 12:02:30 EST 2009

My apologies for responding earlier with an incorrect Subject line. I
hope the following will be helpful.

From: ankit jain <ankitguddu at gmail.com>
> The objective here to include all the .desc files in the cmakelist and

> when we make it it should generate the executable for it like if we 
> include abc.desc then after make it should generate a file abc which 
> is executable and a script which has test cases but generated by .desc

> file only. In order to achieve that guide me how to write cmake list 
> file for it so that it wiil produce equivalent behaviour as normal 
> make does using unix makefiles.
> When we make to the unix makefiles it is generating the equivalent 
> executable mentioned inthat .desc file.
> I want to achieve that through Cmakelist files.

First of all remember this: Your CmakeList files do not execute any of
these things: what they do is to write new makefiles for you.  In order
to succeed with CMake, what you need to do is figure out how to tell
CMake the things that need to be in your new makefiles so that those
makefiles will do the necessary things that your old makefiles do.

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