[CMake] Call for Module maintainer volunteers

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Wed Jul 25 10:11:26 EDT 2007

CMake has been steadily growing in popularity over the past years.  The
bug tracker has many bugs in it related to CMake FindXXX modules.
Since the CMake developers often do not have access to machines with
the software installed, or experience with finding/using many of the
packages found in the Modules directory of CMake, applying the patches
has not been happening at a reasonable pace.  I would like to move to a
system where each FindXXX module in CMake has a dedicated volunteer

The maintainer would be responsible for tracking bugs and applying
patches to the FindXXX modules being maintained.   This could be done
via CVS write access to the Modules directory of CMake, or by sending a
patch via email, it would be up to the maintainer how they wanted to
manage the process.

I would like each module in CMake to have a maintainer listed in the
Module with contact information.  That information would be used in
the documentation generation, so that users would know who to contact
with problems or suggestions.  The maintainer would be expected to
have an account on the bug tracker and watch the bugs/patches for that

For contribution of new modules to CMake, a  proposal should be sent to
the CMake mailing list cmake at www.cmake.org, and if the proposal is
accepted, and a maintainer is found, the module would be added to CMake.
Proposals for new modules should have [New Module] in the subject.
Patches for existing modules should be sent to the maintainer, or put
in the bug tracker.

If you are interested in maintaining an existing module in CMake, please
respond to the list.



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