[CMake] CTest for simple client/server test

Andy Cedilnik andy.cedilnik at kitware.com
Fri Oct 6 13:07:54 EDT 2006

Hello Eric,

We do similar kind of tests on ParaView. For that we use a test driver 
that appropriately launches client and server.

Please check www.paraview.org for more details:



Eric Noulard wrote:
> Hi All,
> I would like to use CTest for running some elementary
> client/server type test
> The idea is want to be able to run
> 2 executable:
>   1) First  " myserver <someargs> " is launched
>   2) Then " myclient  <someargs> " is launched
>   3) the two talk to each other then terminates both properly (or not)
> Both executable should be run on the same machine
> (even if I would be pleased if CTest was able to run
> a test on a remote machine using ssh but that's another point)
> Is it possible to do this with CTest?

Andy Cedilnik
Kitware Inc.

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